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May 19, 2000 08:28 AM

Tamales - the real thing

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I love these - the real, homemade ones. I used to get them in Brooklyn at California Taqueria in Park Slope, where they are quite good if you are ever in the area, but then I moved!

Any great ones in Manhattan that I should know about?

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  1. Try Leon Bakery on 9th Avenue between 47th and 48th Streets, west side of the street. They have them most days, esp. on weekends: mole, rajas (cheese and jalapeno), and pork with a tomato sauce.

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      Barrie Covington

      Thanks folks! Now I won't have to wait to go to Brooklyn!

    2. Taqueria de Mexico on Greenwich near 7th Ave has fairly good, if a bit "fancified" tamales. They make decent rajas, pork, and bean in what I think of as the standard style as well as a Vera Cruz or Yucatan-esque shrimp in banana leaves. The rest of the menu (and take-out) is ok, too, although not super cheap for what is essentially street food.