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May 18, 2000 09:41 AM

Sunday Brunch in Chelsea

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Any suggestions for Sunday Brunch in Chelsea? Pride Week in NYC end of June...meeting friends for brunch before March. Any cuisine fine with us.

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  1. Cafeteria's always fun, and the food isn't so bad. Or have a delightful, wine-soaked early lunch at La Luncheonette: nothing says March! like a plate of veal kidneys.

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    1. re: Pepper

      petite abeille on 14th st and 9th ave
      (small belgium, great mussels, coffee, iced
      chocolate, caeser salad, inexpensive)

      cuba libre at 200 8th avenue (bet 20th-21st)
      (lively bar, great drinks, interesting tasty cuban
      food; moderate)

      Gascogogne at 158 8th Avenue (around 18th)
      (good slightly higher priced french from gascogogne
      region, great steak, creme brulee among best in

      Tazza at 20th St and 8th Ave
      (inexpensive, all around brunch, frienddly service)

      LeGans, 46 Gansevoort
      (quite good, more elegant and pricier than those
      listed above, interesting wines)

      1. re: Ellen

        I would like you to forwardthis to LeGans, 46 Gansevoort. Pleasetell me about your LeGans.
        Thank you