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May 15, 2000 02:58 PM

Le Cirque Must-Eats?

  • k

I am eating at Le Cirque tonight for the first time, and I could not find a recent review to suggest what I should order. Any thoughts on Le Cirque's best?

How does their tasting menu rate?

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  1. Black tie scallops (scallops with black truffles in puff pastry), potato wrapped bass, the banana clown hat dessert

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    1. re: Michael C

      Dinner was good at Le Cirque last night, but as people point out, there were few moments of adulation until dessert. Among the appetizers in our group, I like the risotto with lobster and rosemary the best. Entrees were all very serviceable, but the service was only moderate.

      For dessert we pigged (five for the four of us). The banana clown hat was surpassed only by the creme brulee, and the pomme, pomme, pomme, was appledelicious. Others at the table really enjoyed the bomboloni and the chocolate extravaganza.

      Our wines were very good for the price. A $48 bottle of Pinot Noir was very good. For those with Transmedia (NY Times) cards, you should try to get in while the 25% discount is still available this month.

      1. re: Kurt

        Just wanted to point out that Le Cirque is only taking Transmedia Monday through Thursday, in case anyone else makes a phone call only to be disappointed. :)

        1. re: Beth

          Has anyone ever had Le Cirques Creme Brulee recipe?