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Porters - New in Chelsea

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Yesterday - Mothers Day - we stumbled on Porters and were very pleasently surprised. Found it reasonable and very well done.

Supposedly it is a member of the ML Resturant Group - SDoes wnyone know about this group? Their other restuarants are midtown east and in the village (56th St? and Bleeker?)

Has anyone tried it? If you need something new...

It was seafood centric but I had a wonderful duck breast. Crab cake appetizers were artful - crispy outside, meaty inside (in a good way).

Foie Gras was great - a real full bodied foie gras handled like a great piece of steak - very flavorful. While the duck breast entree was delicalty handled resulting in a beautiful dark skin surface and hues of pink in the center.

The chef, Mo (I forget his last name) supposedly makes many of his own ingredients, like preserved lemon. I guess it is a testament to his dedication (or control freak-iness) that he does this - even in NYC!

any enlightment would be appreciated, but I do plan to go back


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    Jessica Shatan

    Do tell us where this little find is. Thanks!

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      216 7th Ave, bet. 22 and 23