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May 15, 2000 10:26 AM

light bite

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My sisters and I are planning a day in Manhattan and would like suggestions for place for a drink and a light bite/snack after theater (matinee) -- maybe with outside seating. Someplace downtown would be great.
Any ideas?

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  1. j
    Jessica Shatan

    I would recommend:
    Bar Pitti on 6th Ave, just below Bleecker. It's very good Tuscan food, with outdoor tables.
    Otherwise try L'Ulivo on Spring betw. Thompson and Sullivan. It's also italian but specializes in foccacia, little pizzas, etc. Not quite as tasty, in my opinion, as Bar Pitti but could be a good back-up. Have fun!

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    1. re: Jessica Shatan

      I second Bar Pitti. If they have the sauteed spinach with garlic, don't miss it, if you like spinach. pat

      1. re: pat hammond

        Thanks for the suggestions -- Bar Pitti sounds like it is just what we're looking for.