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How many chowhounders plan to visit the 9Ave Food Festival

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  • Anil Khullar May 12, 2000 05:14 AM
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Next Weekend (20th & 21st) happens to be the annual
9 Ave Food festival - Starting from 57th to 37th.
How many chowhounders plan to drop by ? Since this
happens to be very closeby to where I live; I have
in the past spent the day on the St. tasting various
ethnic delights from local rest. as well as outsiders.

I hope the weather is good ;-)


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  1. I've always had a great time at the 9th Ave food fest. I'd recommend it to all. Will there with my buddies.

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    1. re: Vik

      Every year, I find myself eating the same thing at the 9th Avenue fair. It's gotten ritualized for me. It's easy to pass up the mozzarella/corn arepas, the blooming onions, etc. However, I can't pass up the barbecued sweetbread sandwiches which only one vendor ever sells. So I preserve my appetite and skip lots of things that do interest me (suckling pig, odd ethnic goodies). Anyone else do the same?


      1. re: Andrew

        Where is this barb. sweetbread sandwitch ? The
        blooming onions were a hit when they first came out,
        however now many street fairs have them too.
        One of my favourite is around 39-38 St. the two greek
        fishmarket folks with their various meats and oysters,
        clams etc. Coconut milk from Masserella Wholesale Market; Snails from Chez Suzzette.


        1. re: Anil Khullar

          I don't think their truck is in exactly the same location every year. Last year it was at the northern end of the festival, east side. It looks basically like an Italian sausage sandwich truck, so you have to look at the menu. The serve bracciole too, but the sweetbreads are best.


          1. re: Andrew

            Hey, all you 9th Ave. FF guys!! The first meeting of the NY Serial Diners is gonna be on Wed., 5-24, at 6 pm. We're gonna meet at the SW corner of E. 60 St. & Second Ave. (See other notices above) We were thinking of having a pre-meeting at the FF. Is anyone interested??? Woof, woof!!

          2. re: Anil Khullar
            Adam Stephanides

            Last year, I believe it was these Greeks around 39th-38th who served grilled sweetbreads that were my favorite of the fair. I'll have to keep an eye out for the barbecued ones.


            1. re: Adam Stephanides

              Yes, the Greek International Market. They also served suckling pig and squabs (or some small tasty bird)


      2. I go whenever I can. It's one of the highlights of the year. Unfortunately, can't make it this year. Darn!

        1. j
          Josh Mittleman

          I would, but this year it's opposite the Croton Point Park Shadfest, which is just too much fun (and also within walking distance of home).

          1. a
            Adam Stephanides

            Maybe I got there too late (I hit the north end about 6:30, and by the time I got to 46th St. vendors were already closing up) or maybe a lot of vendors were scared off by the heavy rain earlier in the day; but I was disappointed in what I saw of the 9th Ave. food fair. The overwhelming majority of booths were either merchandise vendors, or the same food vendors found at any street fair, as I heard one disgruntled attendee remark. The booths of interest to chowhounds that I passed could be counted on the fingers of one hand. I didn't see the barbecued sweetbreads; I didn't reach the grilled sweetbreads. All I wound up having was an ear of roasted corn, which was bad (underripe or undercooked or something), and blood sausage and a pastel (I think) from the Old San Juan booth, which was okay but not particularly exciting. Tomorrow I'll try the south half (assuming the weather holds up), which I seem to recall as being more interesting last year.


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            1. re: Adam Stephanides
              Adam Stephanides

              I went back to the 9th Avenue Food Festival for lunch today. As I suspected, the south half (approximately 47th St. down) was far more interesting than the north half, with the biggest concentration of chowhoundy places south of 42nd St. The Greek International Bakery didn't seem to be serving sweetbreads this year, but they had good roast pork. A booth called Al-Ma'idar Halal Food, which served not middle eastern or Pakistani but soul food, had very good macaroni and cheese and candied yams. I finished off with chocolate mousse from Chez Suzette (approx. 46th St.) and Steve's key lime pie (from the back of a van at 48th St.), both very good. I'll be back for dinner.


              1. re: Adam Stephanides

                I agree the food was ok, and South was better then North. I had a good soft shell crab at sea breeze fish market. My husband liked the little lobster tails that were 6 for $5.00. He said they were chewy and on the dry side! BUT that's the way HE likes them. I say ick.
                One thing that was good the weather kept away the masses. Saturday was not crowded at all, but on Sunday more food vendors appeared. Did anyone try the Morrocan food between 39th & 40th? I live near there and was wondering how it was. It's a new rest. due to open in June. (I would have tried it, but I was too full by that time.)

                1. re: Micki
                  Adam Stephanides

                  Yes, I tried the booth of the not-yet-open Moroccan place between 39th and 40th, called Tagine. I had lamb tagine (I think) over couscous. I didn't think it was particularly good.