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May 10, 2000 09:27 AM

Picnic lunch for Central Park

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Obviously I could get sandwiches anywhere, but are there any restaurants in the West 50's to 70's that put together a picnic lunch? Nothing too fancy, just good quality comfort food for a mid May late afternoon picnic. Thanks for any advice!

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  1. If you can make it up to 80th St and Broadway, Zabar's always does a nice picnic lunch for the park--although it may be too early in the season for their "picnic baskets" to be ready-to-go. (Not, of course, based on the past week's sizzling temperatures!!)) In any case, you can put together crispy chicken legs, or ready-made containers of: tuna, lobster, crab, egg or chicken salads and a variety of unusual salads, etc, etc. and make yourself a very satisfying picnic from good old Zabar's. And the prices are not exorbitant.