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May 9, 2000 05:06 PM

Bryant Park Grill

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Any views on Bryant Park Grill? I know it has been mentioned as a good outdoor place, but I wonder if the food is any good. And any thoughts on a choice between Bryant Park and Barolo?

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  1. I had lunch on Saturday at Bryant Park Cafe (the more casual and cheaper sibling of Bryant Park Grill - both are in Bryant Park). The food was pretty good - nothing spectacular; but it was nice to eat outside.
    I had a turkey burger, which was pretty good, and my girlfriend had a nice salad. All in all it was enjoyable, but not earth shattering. Haven't been to Barolo, so I can't compare.

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      I've been to Barolo, and the food is ok, but not great. But the garden is nice. It kind of reminds me as a place Woody Allen might film a scene in. Can get a bit crowded, yet you still feel like you are away from others enough to enjoy your space.
      Re: Bryant Park we considered it for Brunch, but when we saw the prices we decided that no way can bannana pancakes be worth $15.00.
      By the way does anyone know of a decent brunch place in Bryant Park vicinity?

    2. Bryant Park Cafe and Grill are two beautiful restaurants in an idyllic park in Midtown. The prices are at the level that one would expect in this part of town. What one does not expect though, is the mediocre to bad food served at both establishments. I go periodically to simply enjoy beoing outdoors on sunny days. I go despite the middling, overpriced food. If food is your principle concern go elsewhere, truly anywhere else.

      1. OK (maybe) for a drink outdoors on a nice day. Otherwise, a waste of time and money.