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May 9, 2000 01:02 PM

Tasting Menus

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Does anyone know of a restaurant in the city with a tasting menu that does not require everyone at the table to get the tasting menu?

My wife is a very light eater, and a tasting menu is always too much for her. Any suggestions, other than a new wife, of course :-)?

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  1. PO allows individual tasting menus. And the best part of that is that if everyone orders a tasting menu, you could try most of the menu.


    1. The Tasting Room (72 East First Street)has a terrific menu that specializes in smaller portions (and larger ones!) giving the diner the opportunity to try lots of different things. They are also known for their extensive wine list and typically open unique and different wines for by the glass servings. Reservations are recommended as the place is very tiny.