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May 9, 2000 12:55 PM

One if By Land TIBS...

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Celebrated my 30th birthday there last week. Not my first choice, but it was a surprise.
The food was okay not great and for those prices the food should be great. We had the tasting menu. Everything was very salty (and I like salt). Dessert was a dissapointment....:(
The highlight of the meal was the lobster medallion served over a herbed risotto and a cauliflower puree, the squab in some sort of reduction sauce was toe-curling good. It was served with foie gras that was too small, but delicious anyway. But the time my rack of lamb was served and my fiance's famous beef wellington, I think we were too stuffed to enjoy it.
If you are thinking of going ask to be seated downstairs. I thought upstairs was dull.
We started off the evening at Gramercy Tavern for cheese and martinis. As always it was great. I was not crazy about the basil martini, but my fiance liked it. It smelled like a pizza. They make a good dirty martini though. Kind of wish we had dinner there.
Oh well, it was a wondeful birthday anyway.

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  1. Happy 30th, Jo!

    I'm amazed that, for at least 10 years, the complaints about One If By Land TIBS have been identical: Not great (sometimes lousy) food at incredibly high prices; upstairs is a bore; the beef Wellington makes you agree with Ruth Reichl that it's a bad idea in the first place; the desserts are uniformly terrible; and so on and on. The ONLY thing the place has going for it is the place--it's undeniably gorgeous and romantic. Too bad you didn't do the reverse--have martinis at One If By Land and dinner at Gramercy Tavern! I think Gramercy Tavern continues to be the best restaurant (all-around) in Manhattan. I always go there for my special occasions. Chef/co-owner Tom Colicchio and pastry chef Claudia Fleming are as good as it gets.

    Well, now you're 30, and you're obviously wiser!

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      Tom Colicchio and Claudia Fleming took home the James Beard Foundation Award for Best Chef NYC and Outstanding Pastry Chef, respectively, last night.

      1. re: Maria

        On Colicchio and Fleming winning their Beard Awards:

        As well they should have--three years ago, and every year since! Sorry to be such a fanatic, but I dine out a LOT, and I haven't found anyplace that is on Gramercy Tavern's level. Flavors are always intense, presentations straight-ahead and generous, ingredients are the very finest, and and and.

        For what it's worth, like most people, I also adore Peacock Alley, Vong, Jean-Georges, Chanterelle, AND the 14th Street taco wagon, as well as Cuban sandwiches from the hole-in-the-wall on 13th Street at First Avenue. (One of the many things to adore about this site is the ubiquitous egalitarianism!)

        By the by, folks, "Restaurant Week" is coming soon--the week of June 19-23. Get ready to speed-dial!

        1. re: Tom Steele


          How do you find out more about "Restaurant Week" and how does it work? Is there a website you know of?

          Many thanks.

          1. re: Cathy F

            Hi, Cathy!

            All the current details about Restaurant Week are at:


            Naturally, there will be more restaurants involved than the 25 listed here.

            Bon appetit!