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May 6, 2000 10:32 PM

whats all the borscht about the russian tea room

  • j

Has anyone eaten there yet? let me know. My sister went 2 weeks ago and said that it was fun.. she ate, caviar, drank vodka and felt like she was part of NY royalty...but I still need more to go on

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  1. We had a thread on RTR a few months ago. Search the site; you'll find it.

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    1. re: Michael

      not much of a thread--how about some diners views

      1. re: joe

        Did you see my 11/26/99 report? If you didn't, you didn't search back far enough.

        But seriously, I think the reason you see few reports on RTR by diners here is that it's not a chowhoundy place. It's a place that is a type of over-the-top wonderland that caters to tourists, and it is quite overpriced and not of a quality to match such prices. I had no complaint with the food or service, but I would not have gone there if my girlfriend (a transplanted New Yorker now, but really a Torontonian) hadn't wanted her birthday brunch there, and I won't be back for another $35/40 (whatever) brunch anytime soon. Frankly, I really don't ever see a reason to pay that much for brunch, anyway. Just how amazing would brunch have to be to be worth that much? Give me a great duck dish with a fine wine for dinner for those prices!

        1. re: joe

          They filmed "Tootsie" there. What more do you want??