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May 6, 2000 10:27 PM

died and went to heavan for brunch

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Oh, my has anyone else discovered Kitchenette downtown in Tribecca? We were shopping at Century 21 and fell in love w moms pancakes...and these huge slabs of cake..and this amazing tuna.. Communal seating but no tude...Just want to know if anyone has eaten diner there yet

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  1. Yeah, I used to work there. The only reason you didn't get attitude is that Ann the owner doesn't work weekends. She thinks that she is the mistress of a Mexican Slave plantation. She also specializes in eating leftovers off of dirty plates and then handling food. The Ann-die-it. Her ass has its own area code. She also defrosts the meat in dirty dishwater. You may yet die and go to heaven.

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      you obvioulsy have a tremendious chip on your shoulder. lighten up ive eaten there on several occasians and the food was good. especaly the pan cakes i agree with crawford!---actually i chowed on the coffee cake--way cool

      1. re: maxx

        "you obvioulsy have a tremendious chip on your shoulder."

        If he _really_ used to work there, he may also have inside information. I take no view on this, being totally ignorant of the restaurant in question.

        1. re: Michael

          I used to have a studio across the street from Kitchenette and I ate there from the day it opened, twice a day for two years and gained forty pounds. Perhaps it put my life in danger, but only in the best way.

    2. i went back there again..it was good..actually it was great. its simple...just good comfort food. Regrding attitude , i think that we New Yorkers a re so hyper critical regarding how we should be treated when it comes to service. I just want my food in a timely manner and to be treated pleasantly..thats all.and thats what i got there..in addition to this awesome turkey meatloaf.....also, if someone is disgruntled about having worked there..maybe its best that youve found something else...Those ladies who work there seem to work there butts off.. I wouldnt want to trade places with them, but they seem to get satisfaction from what they do well...... cook and feed us well!

      1. I had been to Kitchenette awhile ago, thought it was good.
        After reading the posts, I thought I'd give it another try. I just returned last Saturday. WOW the prices went up!! 2 eggs, bacon (which was sweet, yuck) 2 bisuits, and a small fresh oj, COST ME $13.00!!!! Not including tip!!! That's a bit outrageous.

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          Spelling Police

          Had to fix that typo if this thread is going to continue!

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            you think that its outragious for brunch w/ fresh squeezed oj @ 6.50 per person plus tip..? hmmm my mcdonalds came to 4.50 for my breakfast yesterday...i dont think that $2.00 more is too much to ask

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              Michele said 2 eggs, not eggs for 2! I think this was a meal for one.

              1. re: Caitlin

                well, she said 2 biscuits--when only ones w/ the meal ..i had breakfast there this morning and w/ out the fresh squeezed juice i paid $5.50