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May 6, 2000 05:40 PM

Good food in Washington Heights?

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I'm moving to 160th and Nicholas Ave in just a month. I've been to the neighborhood a few times, and it looks like there might be some good hole-in-the-wall places. Does anybody have any recommendations?



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  1. Hi-- Don't know too much about the southern part of Wash Heights, but we do like El Presidente on 163rd and Broadway, near NY Presbyterian Hospital. If you want northern W.H. (180s and 190s), we had a thread in March (I think) that you can check, or I'll be happy to fill you in. Make sure to visit the Morris-Jumel mansion! (And maybe they have some local dining tips.)

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      It's been eight years since I lived their, but I hear El Paso on B'way tween 157-158 still has fine Cuban Sandwich. And the Bagel City Bagels were great.


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        Just wanted to thank Alison and Pete for their suggestions about this area. I just moved into my new place, and yesterday for lunch I took everyone who helped me move to El Presidente. (By the way, it's at 165 and B'way.)

        I had mofongo with chicken (two large mounds of plantain "stuffing," accompanied by chopped bits of roast chicken and sauteed onions and peppers-- at first I thought the chicken was a bit dry and the mofongo was rather bland, but then the waitress brought the accompanying gravy, which really made all the difference), while other folks had the hen stew (a Sunday special-- an older bird with an intense flavor that had been cooked to super tenderness in a somewhat spicy stock), and pretty tasty fried fish. Everything came with a choice of sides, but none of us could resist getting the huge, moist plate of yellow rice with its accompanying bowl of red beans, both of which were very good.

        We also shared a plate of sweet plantains and another of savory plantains. The sweet plantains were just as I expected (how can you go wrong?), but the savory ones were much blander and a little harder than I'm used to. I suspect they had been reheated. The mango and papaya shakes are worth getting-- maybe a little too sweet to accompany the meal (esp. the mango) but delicious and filled with lots of fresh fruit, as evidenced by the mango strings in my teeth. Best of all, the tab for five very full people (each of whom got an entree and a shake, plus the two shared plantain sides) was barely over $50 after tax. Try getting professional movers for that kind of money! :)

        I'll definitely go back (does anyone have any suggestions about what else is worth ordering?), and I'll file more reports as I find other places worth mentioning.

      2. Beth, Hi, just rereading stuff from manhattan chowhound 1/27 and 1/28. Check out Carrot Top per Jim on 164th and Broadway as well. I'm not blown away by the place (think it's expensive and these days not so great) but many really like it.

        BTW, Jim, haven't yet figured out the mystery cafe/catering hall on 187. The bagels on 181 ARE good--they probably still boil 'em first by hand. We're still hunting for truly amazing Dominican and Cuban chow up here but we need help...