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May 3, 2000 06:11 PM

Birthday dinner

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I know this sort of topic has come up before here, but I'm looking for a great dining experience for my birthday in Manhattan.

I've previously been to Picholine, March (both excellent), Gramercy Tavern and Babbo (both very good) for the event.

This year (b-day's in June) I was thinking about Gotham Bar and Grill or Aureole (two places I've always meant to go to), but I'm a little discouraged after reading through a number of comments here.

Does anyone have any other suggestions along the lines of the above mentioned places? Don't want to go too crazy on the price, but $200-$250 for two would be alright.

Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. I am new here, but how about PALIO?

    1. I work at Patroon a fabulous three star restaurant in mid-town that would be perfect for a special bithday dinner. Give us a try, we have several private rooms available for you to consider. Look us up in Zagat Survey Guide.