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May 3, 2000 11:26 AM

need new ideas for 44th & 5th lunch

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I'm working a part-time midtown job (44th St & 5th Ave) and desperately need a decent lunch to look forward to. In my aimless walking I've found the Halal stand at 43rd & 6th, brazilian buffet on 45th, Margon (where they put salami in the cuban sandwich), the Red Flame coffee shop. I've resorted to the long walk to Rinconcito Peruano on 9th Ave and german cold cuts at the Grand Central market when I need the assurance of good eats. Must have more options...

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  1. When I worked in Midtown, I was very fond of Dosanko, a super-cheap assembly-line Japanese noodle joint, on Madison bet 47 & 48. Lines of takeout customers out the door, six kinds of noodle soup for 6.50 a quart. Other specials (fried oyster bento, sometimes tempura, etc.) daily.

    Also Japanese, on, uh, 46th bet Mad & 5th, a place called something like Katsu-don, specializing in Japanese breaded cutlets. Sorta fun, also has a takeout sushi stand up front.

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      Dosanko was a great place, unfortunately, their lease was up, and one way or another, the restaurant was forced to close down a while ago. :(

    2. How about Virgil's BBQ on 44th Between 6th and 7th? they have good southern BBQ including BBQ Brisket, chicken, pork, lamb etc...

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        Steven Stern

        Welcome to the land of Ranch 1!

        I think you've already sussed out the best eats in the area. The Halal cart is not as good as it used to be before they raised their prices and reduced their portions, but it's still one of the best things around. The salamied cubano at Margon has always creeped me out. The octopus salad, though, is just perfect.

        Other ideas:
        Matzo ball soup at the Edison. The Afghan Kebab House on the Cabana Carioca block (that's still there, isn't it?). A pork sandwich from Virgil's is always a good thing, though not sublime. The falafel cart on 47th & 6th has a lot of partisans, but it's never convinced me. I've started going to Tandoori Club, a Bangladeshi steamtable on 39th just east of 6th. (Today my kingfish was frighteningly undercooked in the middle, but in a great tomato-cumin sauce; I'm still trying with this place.)

        Yum, the Thai joint on 44th between 6th & 7th, very occasionally will do an OK pad thai, but most of the time it sucks, so I've stopped going. The Fresco Tortilla on 42nd btwn 6th & 7th is probably the best branch of this chain, and can often be a guilty pleasure. And (I know I'm gonna get slammed for this) the chicken (NOT pork) katsudon at Teriyaki Boy (aka "Chicken Cutlet Egg Bowl") sustains me more often than I care to admit.

        Good luck.

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        1. re: Steven Stern

          thanks for the suggestions.
          where is the Edison? for that matter, what is the Edison?

          1. re: tom

            It's a slightly dilapidated, formerly elegant, ancient dining room in the Edison Hotel, just off 7th Ave near Times Square. Worth going to just for the atmosphere, but also for the huge bowls of soup.

            1. re: MU

              Yes, yes...the Polish Tea Room has soup. But blintzes it has also, perhaps the finest in all New York, in case you would be wanting to eat something that was not soup perhaps.

              1. re: The Edison!
                Steven Stern

                Gosh, the voice of the Edison itself!

                Somehow I always knew it would sound like this.

            2. re: tom

              The Edison Hotel. Can't remember the exact location - a couple of blocks above Times Square, maybe. I used to go there all the time for the mazto ball soup. Very cheap & filling. Sometimes it wouldn't be quite hot enough, though.

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            anil khullar

            There is Jewel of India (44th between 5th & 6th),
            all you can eat buffet lunch.

            Walk over to Little Brazil 46th between 5th & 6th.
            There is Afgan Kebab House and many other restaurants
            on 46th or 47th between 6th & Bwy.

            Annie Moore's and Conways on 43rd Madison & Vanderbilt
            for Irish stuff.

            Hope this helps


            1. Chikubu on 44th btwn 5th and Mad offers an incredible dish of eel and rice served in a sizzling pot (same used in gobdol bibimbap). it's not on the menu; just ask for the sizzling eel and rice dish.

              Evergreen on 38th, again btwn 5th and Mad, has fresh dim sum and Shanghainese specialities like soup dumplings and rice cake stir fries. yum.

              other than that, as a midtown luncher of 3 years standing, i must concur with the dismal prognosis of the area. good luck!