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May 1, 2000 10:28 AM

Looking for Belgian cuisine in N.Y.

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I'm planning a trip to the Big Apple. Please tell me where I can get some authintic Beglian cuisine.

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    Robert Sietsema

    Go to the corner of 9th Ave and 14th St and pick Markt or the less upscale Petite Abeille. If you walk one block east and one block south, you'll be in sight of Bruxelles, the oldest "Belgian" restaurant in town (the proprietors are reputed to be French).

    And please don't call it The Big Apple, it really upsets us.

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      Adam Stephanides

      Odd you should bring this up; a couple days ago I had brunch at Petite Abeille (not the branch Robert Sietsema refers to, but the one at 107 W. 18th St.). I'm no expert on Belgian cuisine, so I can't say how authentic it was. But the carbonade was good. The Belgian waffle was not so good; instead of being light and crispy it was limp and doughy. I also bought a bar of Cote d'Or chocolate. It was pretty good, but I wouldn't consider it worth a special trip to the restaurant, let alone worth bootlegging (see Jim's book if you don't know what I'm talking about). I prefer Leonidas.


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        The branch at 6th and 18th is MUCH better (in my opinion) than the one on 14th street.

        Bear in mind that Cote d'Or is not officially imported to this question, so the stock at this place is sometimes of questionable freshness. I love Leonides too, but when Cote d'Or is fresh it's pretty great.

        sorry you were disappointed.....


        1. re: Jim Leff
          Robert Sietsema

          The 18th Street Petite Abeille was the first, intended mainly as a soup and sandwich joint for the Ladies Mile. The other three branches are more ambitious in their offerings and open much later in the evening. In fact, everything hot served at all four branches was actually made in the kitchen at the 14th branch. The stuff at the 18th Street branch is fine and the sandwiches are made to order, but they don't have the range of mussel dishes or, correct me if I'm wrong, any fries at all.

          1. re: Robert Sietsema

            hey robert

            well, so much for my idea of the kitchen being better on 18th St. if everything's been cooked at 14th St all along!

            I guess I just don't love their more involved dishes (the stuff served at 14th but not 18th). I like the homier stuff at 18th.

            but you haven't mentioned the branch down in the live quite nearby yet have conspicuously not mentioned this location; do you not like them? All I've had there were frites (good, but served by one of the nastiest waiters I've ever met; I've been afraid to go back, fearing I might not be able to resist the impulse to knock him upside the head with a napkin dispenser....)


            1. re: Jim Leff
              Robert Sietsema

              You're right, the service is bad at the Hudson Street branch. I didn't mention it because the 14th St version is in the middle of "Little Belgium," and has more space so you've got a better chance of getting a table. Has anyone tried the new evocation down on West Broadway?

      2. I like a place on Ave B and Sixth in the East Village. It's called Mesopotamia. It's got a few nice Belgium Beers in it's collection. The food is solid and the prices right.