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May 1, 2000 02:59 AM

Japanese Ramen

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A friend in midtown, who is so shy she won't post, is asking for places to go eat Japanese ramen noodles in midtown. Now I know Menchanko tei is one, but there are two places I would like help on.

One is Ten Kai, a Japanese restaurant located on the south side of I believe 55th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue. I think they serve mediocre sushi, and they specialize in live shrimp, but their "New York Udon" is out of this world. Nice firm noodles for Udon. Has anyone been there recently?

The other place is I think called Sapporo Restaurant, something like 48th between 6th and 7th...Has anyone been here recently? Its a down and dirty noodle place, people all sweating and slurping noodles. Wonderful stuff.

Michael Yu

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  1. There are many places to get udon and soba noodles in Manhattan, but I have never found a place that has authentic ramen. If anybody knows of one, I'd love to check it out.

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      There is a place on 55th between 5th and 6th? (on the same block as the Midtown Joe Shanghai's, but closer to 6th) that I believe is called 'Larmen'(sp?) The ramen here is far superior to the Menchanko-tei rendition. Personally, I think the ramen at Menchanko-tei barely passes the threshold for acceptable ramen. The noodles look and feel like egg noodles while the soups taste like standard stocks (missing the 'ramen' aromas).

      All the ramens at 'Larmen' are great. Their mabadofu on rice/ or on noodles are great too. Apologize for not knowing the spelling of the restaurant. Maybe I am totally off on the name.

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        Try Sobaya in the Lower East Side