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Apr 30, 2000 02:00 AM

dim sum in chinatown

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I've been to the Golden Unicorn a few times for dim sum, and really enjoyed it -- but I'd like to try something new. Any suggestions for good, preferably small and family-run dim sum places in Chinatown?

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  1. You might try Mandarin Court on Mott below Canal. New Oriental Pearl on Mott, above Canal is also a favorite, but it's anything but small.

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      Anil Khullar

      Hi,Small family run places may not have a hugh variety.YOu can try Triple Eight Palace a few blocks down fromGolden Unicorn in East Broadway. Its inside a Mall,right below the Manhattan Bridge.There is Jing Fong on Elizabeth St, and there are a fewplaces that you should walk down Mott St.Try Harmony Palace on Mott just north of Canal.Most of these are hugh places.Mott St. does have quiet a few that we visited over the years.Triple Eight Palace has become the default place for usin the past few years.anil

      1. There is a very authentic, cheap and, I think, good alternative to the big dim sum factories like Unicorn, on Division Street. It's just down from Canton (about a block) south side of the street, and its called [something Wah] tea parlour. Go before 11 on Sat or Sunday and have a feast of real dim sum. A little light on dumplings per se, but lots of other little treats. Good chance you'll be the only one there that isn't part of a big chinese family. My chinatown sources also tell me that Sweet and Tart, a glitzy, three story "hong kong hip" place at 76 Mott has great dim sum- expect to wait however. I can't personally vouch as I haven't tried it yet, but my sources in that neck of the woods are usually good.

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          I have been quite happy with Sun Hop Shing Tea House @ 21 Mott Street for Dim Sum. Although the variety is not enormous, the food is always fresh and the service is warm. I have never, however, been there on a weekend, when the service is sometimes different. I would definitely recommend this place.

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            I have been there on the weekend the food was excelent and so was the service