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Apr 29, 2000 11:18 PM

Remember Wine and Apples?

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I'm from out of town and come into NYC about 3 times a year and used to enjoy visiting a place on 57th street called Wine and Apples that was Hungarian? (I think) They used to have great Lentil soup which was perfect on a cold November day with lots of bread and a sandwich and you could also get Goulash, which I had never had before so I have no comparisons. The best part was it was really inexpensive for that neighborhood. I tried to go a few months ago and it was gone. Replaced by a Deli! as if NY needs another. Did it move? or is it gone for good? If so, can anyone recommend a good Hungarian restaurant that serves Goulash (probably redundant) OK a restaurant that serves Goulash...Hungarian or otherwise? Or how about who's is the best Lentil soup in New York. I'll bet some of the vegitarian places might have some pretty good Lentil soup!

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Used to work across from Wine and Apples, oh...18 years ago! You're right, it was a good deal. As for Hungarian, you might try Mocca on the upper east side (1588 2nd ave, 212-734-6470)--last visit was 8 years ago (and pre-Hungarian husband), though, so other chowhound-types might have some more up-to-date info. They had (have?) a cheap lunch special that was tasty and very filling.

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      mocca is very much alive and thriving, thank god. the lunch special is now a whopping $6.95 (!), which is an incredible bargain for what you get. excepting the sausage with peppers (lecsos kolbash?) i've happily eaten everything on the menu. and the walnut palascinta (crepes with a walnut puree) are completely delicious and the perfect end to a meal there. but the coffee is terrible, even worse than the wine. given the hungarian tradition for espresso, this is very surprising (for 25 cents a shot i drank - almost continuously - very decent espresso in budapest).

      but if goulash is all you crave, check out the version at cafe des artistes - a little over the top, but quite similar to restaurant versions of what i'd eaten in hungary.

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      Jessica Shatan

      YES! I haven't though about Wine and Apples for so long. It had this kind of hideaway feeling to it... When my sister started working on 57th about 8 yrs ago I would meet her for lunch on occasion we would always go there or Au Bonne Soupe... she didn't even know the name of Wine and Apples til I--with my obsession for business cards--took their card and had it on my desk for years. I still remember the card, white with blue type, I think the word "and" was in script...
      So, you might try Au Bonne Soupe, they have good deals at lunch, it's kinda woody in the same way and always has about six soups as well as other french things. Check it out. Thanks for the memory!!

      1. I LOVED that place. I was just trying to remember the name and it came to me. I used to eat there ALL the time with friends because it was central to where everyone worked. Delicious dolmas and there was a lemony rice dish that was delicious. Cheap, plentiful food and wine. Thanks for the reminder! This was one of my 1980's NY favorites.

        1. Wow, what a blast from the past! The restaurant was downstairs from where my dad had his graphic art studio, at 119 W57th. First time l ever tried dolmos and goulash! Thanks for taking me back!