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Apr 27, 2000 07:52 PM

Heartbeat Horror

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My boss and a co-worker took a client to Heartbeat for lunch today. The co-worker ordered Tuna on "organic greens" which as she put it was garnished by two LIVE water bugs.She did not want to make a scene since this restaurant is a favorite of the client- but she alerted the staff. She squashed the bugs and her meal was replaced by another dish. No apology just the statement that this happens with organic greens. The bill came to $230 for the three of them. OK- no one disputes that bugs live in NY, but not to have even an offer of coffee or a comped meal. Only in NY

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  1. Water bugs, those inch and a half or longer cockroaches that are really speedy? Two of them? How could they not make a scene or are we talking about some other bug that indeed may be indigenous to lettuce?

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      This was the client's choice and they didn't want to embarrass him. The description that I got from them when they came back was far more graphic than I described- but I urged them to call the restaurant and take it up later- don't know yet if they did.
      Since I posted this, I have been overwhelmed with illmannered restaurant stories. My father, who only eats out, went somewhere the other night and and his pasta was overly salty. The manager put his own fork into my dad's plate and said that it tasted good to him so it must be ok. End of discussion.Wow!

      1. re: Amy

        I assume the waiter used a clean fork in your father's story, but it's still a great story. I suspect in the realm of restaurant horror stories, truth is indeed stranger than any fiction we could imagine. It's also interesting that unless if happens to us, we usually manage to write it off. People can tell of roaches in the food and it doesn't close a restaurant, but if I see a roach on the wall, I can't bring myself to eat there again. I try to tell myself that in some bug free place there's probably pesticide in the food, but that doesn't work.

        1. re: bux

          Seems to me that after a waiter sticks his fork into your dish, getting up and walking out would be a perfectly appropriate reaction.

          The only reason restaurants continue to dish out abuse is because patrons seem so willing to take it.

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            I love going out for food and drinks downtown in either SoHo or TriBeCa, and sometimes I want to try new places for going out--but I fear some of them are too pretentious and I'll end up feeling embarrassed or shunned by the beautiful people and power-hungry doormen..Are there any places (clubs, lounges,etc.) in that area that are posh and sexy yet unpretentious and somewhat welcoming? I don't want to feel like I'm not worthy to get in somewhere just because I'm not a 6-0 foot model/coke head....what's a girl to do?