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Apr 19, 2000 01:25 AM

guinea fowl: who knows where to get it?

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I am looking for guinea fowl in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Ideas?

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  1. Roast guinea fowl seems to run as a fairly perpetual special at Babbo, and it's pretty spectacular.

    1. guinea hens can be purchased from d'Artagnan. See link below.


      1. Cafe Boulud has a TERRINE DE PINTADE ET FOIE GRAS Natural Gelée and Field Mâche for $18 as an appetizer. I expect that will be a classic cold pate, but since they have it in the kitchen, I'll bet you could get it prepared as a hot main course if you called in advance. I've had it in Daniel as a special. It's not on the current menu, but I would assume they'd also be able to prepare it if ordered in advance.

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          Just a note regarding the terrine de pintade at cafe boulud. It will only be served cold. In the past guinea hen has been run as a special with varying degrees of acceptance. If you are looking to make it at home; we used to stuffed the breast with truffled chicken mousse, smear foie gras butter under the skin, and braise the legs separatly. breaking the bird apart ensures that each peice gets the respect it deserves.

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            The poster has a financial relationship with Daniel Boulud, which he has noted in some, but not all, of his postings about the place. While I'm sure he's not trying to "fool" anyone, I would nonetheless ask him to please disclose his relationship in all future messages about Daniel or Cafe Boulud.