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Apr 16, 2000 03:17 AM

Malaysian eatry between Bowery & Elizabeth

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We discovered this restaurant (New Malaysia Restaurant)
by accident. Trying to avoid the drizzle outside
we took a shortcut through an arcade from Bowery to go to Elizabeth. The entrance to the arcade is next to
HSF on Bowery. The restaurant is inside this corridor
of the arcade.

New Malaysia, like many restaurants in CTown is unassuming and has no decor to speak of. They food is
fresh and excellent and very inexpensive.

Appetizers: Roti-like bread with curry dip; Steamed vegetable roll;Chicken Satay;

The roti like bread is essentially an indian influence this appetizer is not found in most indian resturants.
The dip is a cuury like with hint of peanut flavor.
The steamed vegetable roll, had spiced cabbage wrapped
in a steamed roll with crisp fried onion bits sprinkled on top. Chicken Satay unfortunately was dowsed in a peanut and garlic sauce which killed the taste of
the chicken.

Soups: Vegetable and Tofu

Soups are hugh. Unlike the small bowls one gets in
many oriental places; One can make a meal out of a soup
if one desires. They brought in two empty bowls for
us to scoop the soup from the larger bowl. The soup
had all fresh veges + tofu + tomato to make it tangy
and hint of hot spices.

Main Courses: Coconut rice; shrimps over rice.

Many of the dishes in this place are blah-blah "over rice" - meaning they pour the dishes over a mound of rice - served in one plate. Coconut rice was an exception. It came with rice cooked in coconut milk,
one full boiled egg sliced in half, fresh slices of cucumber; Chicken and Potato curry-like dish; dried fish spiced condiment and handfull of roasted peanuts on the side. We left the boiled egg and the roasted peanuts alone ;-). The spiced condiment is an acquired taste ! Shrimps over rice had a distinct flavor from
indian or chinese rendering of shrimp. The spices are
a combination of chinese + hint of indian influence.

I was talking to the owner about the clientele; which he said consist of mostly malay chinese/singaporean.

Service was courteous and warm. I call it an eatery because they have a continuim from the time they open to the time they close. Constant influx of customers.
The range and variety of dishes is also large.
One can eat to fill for under $6.00. Our meal for two
with dessert came to approx $22.

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  1. Hi, all. Anil posted a note about this yummy sounding Malaysian place between Bowery and Elizabeth without being very specific about where it was. Does anyone know what HSF stands for? I know it's gotta be somewhere between Houston and Kenmare, but where??

    I'm planning to go tonight for dinner, and it's raining cats and dogs outside, so it would be nice if I didn't have to get completely drenched while looking for it.

    Thanks, and I'll be sure to report back about how it was.

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    1. re: Beth

      The restaurant is in the Chinatown arcade, just a passageway which runs between the Bowery and Elizabeth (as Anil said) in the block south of Canal Street. On the Bowery end, the entrance is right next to HSF (the restaurant of the same name); on the Elizabeth end it is s. of Jin Fong. But if you want good Malaysian food, probably the best in Manhattan is Nyonya on Grand Street near Mulberry. Stay dry!

      1. re: jen kalb

        Nyonya is our classic meeting place (a bunch of us Malaysian Chinese), but we're getting very tired of the gradual "Americanization" of the food, and the steep prices. I suppose we have the tendency to eat it the Eastern way-- order a lot of dishes and everybody shares, but the bill always comes out to $15-25 a person, and it is frustrating!

        I will try New Malaysian. Hopefully it will be good authentic Malaysian food. Will try to find it on Sunday night.

        1. re: Aliki

          the place in the arcade is NOT new - its been their pretty much the longest of any malaysian in NY - no one I know has been impressed - if you find any good new malaysian food around, there are a lot of chowhounds who would like to hear about it.

          ps - if you do a search on the site, you will see a lot of threads detailing searches for tasty malaysian and singapore food - maybe they will lead you to some new experiences.

          1. re: jen kalb

            Try downtown Flushing, Queens. There are a few Malaysian restaurants near the LIRR train station. They are very reasonably priced. I don't think the food is americanized as most of the customers are asian.