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Apr 14, 2000 11:10 AM

Late eats in the Murry Hill area

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I'm looking for late eats in the Murry Hill area.
hamburger, pizza, indian, tapas, chinese..
whatever, the only requirement is yummy stuff available on weekdays after 11 p.m.


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  1. Sivan --

    A *very* difficult neighborhood for late eats. Many local restaurants are known to close at 10 PM.

    However, there is Sarge's, a traditional Jewish deli (with full bar, oddly) that is open 24 hours. Third Ave. between 36th and 37th. The menu is not at all solid, but the whitefish salad is pretty good, and the half roast chicken with stuffing dinner is delicious and a great deal to boot. I've heard their chopped chicken liver is good, but I've never tried it.

    If you can walk a couple blocks to Koreatown, you're blessed with many, many 24-hour and late-night joints. Try Kang Suh on 32nd between Fifth and Broadway, or that tofu-oriented restaurant on 35th between the same avenues (the name escapes me right now).

    Good luck!

    1. It's true, this is a tough neoighborhood for late night eating of any quality. If you're willing to travel a bit south, Sam's Noodles on 3d Ave at 29th and Empire Szechuan on 3d between 27th and 28th are both open until midnight. In the burger vein, there are two pub-restaurants around, Brew's on 34th near 3d and Joshua Tree, on 3d near 34th; I don't know how late their kitchens are open, and I haven't been to either, but I believe Eric Asimov likes the burgers at Brew's. I think Jackson Hole on 3d is probably open late, too.

      1. There are a few indian restaurants in Lexington Ave.
        that close late, to accomodate the cabbie crowd
        from the Indian subcontinent. How good their food
        is at that late hour ? I don't know. There used
        to be one of two late night places on 2nd (25th - 30th St.) Ave. catering to the Hospital crowd
        that you may find open.

        Hope that helps