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Apr 14, 2000 01:11 AM

Warning: Metrazur Gross-Out

  • j

This email came from my cousin, a bona fide foodie. The subject header was "An Interesting Dinner for 3 at Metrazur"...

Me, Heather, and the bug that crawled out of my vegetable plate, to be specific - -
from within the dollop of warm sauteed cabbage, that was nestled between the
brussel sprouts and potatoes. I was disgusted to say the least.
Was I offered free wine? No.
Free dessert? No.
A free dinner in the future? No.

Would I want to eat there again away?

Grimes almost did his first decent long review, if he'd only cut out the
b.s. pedantic analogies to Beethoven and Chopin. (After all the readers
are only interested in how the food is and not on your IQ score.)

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