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Apr 8, 2000 02:29 PM

The Blini Hut - "Authentic Russian Food"

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Stumbled upon this fast-foodesque joint and was excited to see a post on the front window that said "Best Authentic Russian Food".
So I asked the head guy there what he thought was the tastiest dish they had and he happily recommended the "double chicken sandwhich" -- I was a little surprised.

So what the heck, I decided to give it a whirl. I also got a wrapped cabbage dish I think called "golupszdi". Anyways, then they asked me if I wanted fries with that - no joke. The cabbage dish was decent, albeit it a tad bland. The chicken sandwhich was too Americanish and a bit rubbery,nothing I couldn't get at Wendy's. I couldn't even finish the sandwhich it was so dull in flavor, a real dissapointment. For the most part, I would skip Blini Hut at All COSTS!!! Wretched, wretched, vile food.

Have I been terribly misconcieved of what decent, "real" authentic Russian Food is?

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  1. Yeah, I didn't like BH either -- it's a great restaurant name, though. The blini were flavorless.

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    1. re: Jeremy

      Great Russian fast-food restaurant names: there was Rush'n Express, before it went out of business.

      1. re: Caitlin

        Aaaaw, c'mon - I think you guys are being unfair to ol' Blini Hut. Were you expecting Petrossian for your four bucks? IT'S RUSSIAN FAST FOOD, for god sakes - lighten up. I've tried a couple of different things on the menu - the blinis (with salmon or caviar), the stuffed cabbage, the dumplings, the borscht. OK, it's not awesome - but it is good honest working man's food. I don't think it's possible to spend more than $7 for your lunch there. Blini Hut struck me as a pretty unique place. The first week they opened the service was so bad it was funny - you have this short counter where the staff are trying to take orders, take money, dispense food and grill blinis all at once. Mass confusion as only an eastern block enterprise could invent it. I won't even go into detail on the amazing tri-lingual McDonalds-style photo menu that hangs over the's hysterical. I think Blini Hut is worth a visit at least once, just for the experience. It's fast food as you've never had it before.

        1. re: wayne

          It sounds to me like the same food I ate in Lenningrad in the eighties - the cuisine led us to believe that CCCP stood for cabbage, carrots, cole slaw and potatoes.

          1. re: Tara

            Where, oh, where is this hut of which you speak???

            1. re: Jessica S.

              If you go down Broadway to J&R Music World and turn left, go about 2 or 3 blocks and it's on your right. But there's no reason at all to go out of your way to find it.

              1. re: Jeremy

                Thanks, guys. Maybe when I'm on jury duty I'll check it out.
                And as for self-congratulating signage... I used to wait for a bus in front a seedy coffeeshop in the Bronx and my friend and I always joked about their sign "World's Best Coffee" (as I am sure you've seen in coffeeshop windows). "Could it be? The best coffee in the ENTIRE WORLD up here tucked away in the Bronx?"

              2. re: Jessica S.

                Blini Hut is at the corner of Nassau and Bookman streets.

                To wayne-
                I know exactly what you mean by saying blini hut is just a quick place to grab something to eat, and there is a level in which that is right and fine. but even if it is russian fastfood, it's still pretty tasteless and i'd rather eat at wendy's man.

                plus, this blini hut says "best authentic russian food" in it's windows, most fastfood restaurants don't have the gumption to make statements like that in the first place.
                Alright, lets end this talk on the bland blini hut.