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Apr 7, 2000 11:28 AM

Good Crab in Egg Sauce at New Green Bo Ky

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I keep forgetting to mention an extraordinary dish I had some months ago at New Green Bo Ky, 66 Bayard Street (off Mott St.)

A whole crab served in the most delicious eggy egg sauce (Not a lobster sauce.) Although I find crab fiddly to eat at times, this was worth chasing all over the table. That sauce was amazing.

They also have a dish I haven't tried but intend to at some point. Some sort of wrapped pork in bean curd skin---I think it was written up in one of their many reviews, pasted to their front window.

I ate there at lunch on a Saturday. Get there EARLY--11:45 am for a less swamped table by the window.

Most of the Chinese diners were downing soup noodle dishes--but the crab is really fine!

Anyone else been there?

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