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Apr 5, 2000 09:23 PM

Good pizza in the village

  • j

Today I had a slice of Rizzo's pizza from their new store on MacDougal St. (Note: I have never eaten at their store on Steinway in Astoria.) It seemed quite servicable to me, the crust could have had a little more body, but that is just quibbling with an overall good slice. I particularly liked the strong, kind of smokey flavor of the tomato sauce; it tasted a bit like puttanesca sauce.

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  1. What blocks is it between??

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    1. re: Jessica S.
      andrew reibman

      rizzo's is on the west side of mcdougal between bleecker and 3rd st. one block south of nyu law school. I call this block "avenue of the felafel's - since it has five such establishments, none as good as turkish grill around the corner... :-)

      the pizza there is good, crust not too thin and not too thick. tomato sauce homemade and garlicy... not as good as better joisy joints, but my choice in the neighborhood easpecially since they sell slices, unlike john's...

      perhaps its good because the average quality of the pizza on any given block has to be in equilibrium. infamous ben's pizza is on the corner :-)