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Apr 2, 2000 11:51 PM

Desperately Seeking Subs

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The only REAL thing about I miss about my former residence of Lansing Michigan was a small chain there called "Jersey Giant Submarines". I always got "the beasty" which had everything I wanted in a submarine sandwhich --, plenty of fresh meat cut right in front of your face, delicious soft bread, extremely zesty and zingy oils and vinegars and to top it refills of soda (a small commodity I rarely see here in NY).

I used to go to Jersey Giants every Sat. Afternoon and watch Big10 Basketball/football with my chums and we'd chow on Beastys with cold Mountain Dews to boot. ~Beautiful Combination~ Anyways, I am CRAVING something like what I have described above. I live near the Wall St./Seaport area and will travel ANYWHERE to try a decent FLAVORFUL sub. (Anything below Houston St. is even better).

Cmon guys and gals, shower me with recommendations!

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  1. A lot of GOOD delis can make subs of all types and have the vinegar and oil, etc.
    I live near the M+O deli on Prince and Thompson and they can make sub-type sandwiches (aka hero, grinder). I like the subs (and delis) with an italian slant, that include cappicola, etc. And the italian delis tend to have the oil and vinegar and the long bread. So, I'd start with finding the best, most complete, deli near your work. Check out the specials board, M+O lists subs there. Some people might travel up to M+O but I don't think it's THAT amazing.
    Good luck and give us some sub reports! :-)

    1. Latticini Barese on Union Street (between Columbia St and the BQE) in Red Hook, Brooklyn makes very popular subs - using their own stellar mozzarella - I suspect they are extremely good of the kind - I see them in preparation often, for superbowl parties, firehouse feeds and trips to the ballpark . Just a short way north of the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel or south of the Atlantic Ave. exit on the BQE. And on the same block as Ferdinandos foccaceria (if you want to pick up some pannelle or potato croquettes) and a well-known Calzone place (I think its the King of Pizza and Calzone) too.

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        I love Latticini Barese, and have eaten many a fine proscuitto and smoked mozzarella hero from there. Highly recommended. There are other places in Carroll Gardens to pick up a decent Italian sub, among them D'Amico's on Court near Degraw and the nearby Mazzone's, Esposito's pork store on Court near President, Joe's Superette on Smith near Carroll, and Amici's on Henry and Union. I'd rate Barese number one, though.

        1. re: Chris E.

          we buy fresh-roasted espresso beans from D'Amico, have for many years, but I havent felt warm and fuzzy about that place since I was cheated majorly - twice running, a few years back - on large orders (in both cases, coffee and parmesan, getting charged for 3 lbs while receiving 2). The wages of being a yuppie...on the other hand, the people at Latticini Barese are so friendly and real that I would go there even if their products weren't some of the best around.

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            Correction -- that's Mastellone, not Mazzone's. Mazzone's is a hardware store, which as far as I know is not known for their subs.

        2. Thinking of subs (almost my favorite) has gotten me craving an authentic Philly Cheese Steak a la Pat's or Jim's.

          Any such thing in NYC? I'm always disappointed when I order a cheesesteak here, and I'm not sure I know what's missing.

          It should be simple...a good, firm roll, very finely chopped beef, lots of grilled onions, *real* cheese (provolone or mozzarella), and pizza/tomato sauce.

          Help me sate my craving!

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          1. re: mtheo

            Not that this will make you feel any better, but a branch of Pat's opened at least ten years ago on E. 23rd Street. It folded quickly.

            1. re: mtheo

              "Real" cheese? Heresy!

              Everyone knows that Pat's steaks have to be served with Cheez Whiz. It's the only way to go -- "whiz with". Add hot sauce, pepperoncini and dried hot peppers, and you're in gustatory heaven. It might be the finest dish on earth.


              1. re: mtheo

                Real cheese and pizza sauce? Heaven forfend!! I was at Jim's on South Street in Fluffya -- aka Philadelphia -- a couple of weeks ago, and the tomato in any form definitely doesn't belong on a classic Philly cheesesteak.

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                  The Trellis coffee shop on Roosevelt Island has a very good cheesesteak (about $6.50 -- deluxe). The Snapple is very good, too. Just don't get the french toast.

                2. re: mtheo
                  Carolyn Franks

                  Dear Desperately Seeking Subs,

                  In my never-ending search to find a good Philly Cheesesteak in NY, I was happy to see someone else is searching too. I too have had my fair share of bad cheesesteaks. For some reason, New Yorkers confuse them with roast beef sandwiches. Please let me know if you've had any luck so far.

                  Thanks - Carolyn

                3. The best subs I've found in NYC are Manganaro's (NOT Manganaro's Hero-Boy next door, which is unaffiliated now and which I have never tried), an old Italian grocery on Ninth Avenue around 35th St.

                  There are tables in the back, and the friendly Italian sisters there will compete to you make you the best Manganaro's Special, their classic Italian cold-cuts sub.

                  I've never found subs in New York to compare to those in Boston or Atlantic City, however. And as for cheesesteak, you HAVE to go to Philly.


                  1. A glimmer of hope on 10th ave... about a block or two south of Empire Diner, maybe 22 and 10th, I passed a place tonight with a Greek name and a small sign "Philly cheeseteaks" on the door. Unfortunately I cannot remember the name or exact location. it is worth a try.

                    For subs or hoagies (as Philadelphians know them) try some of the delis located on Graham Ave in Williamsburg, La Salumeria, Emily's Pork Store*, or the deli across the street from Emily's. Also Joe's busy corner on 6th & bedford avenue in "the heart of Williamsburg" is very good.

                    * Emily's is my favorite although they close at 6 pm. and on Sunday's. request whatever fillings you like and ask for olive oil on the roll. Outstanding!

                    An extra tasty iced coffee at Cafe Capri across the street is a great follow-up to your sandwich.

                    in passing i heard there was an amazing place in this neighborhood that was an older couple's basement and you had to know them in order to be let in. i tried to press for details with no luck. please let me know if anyone has heard of such a place!