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Apr 1, 2000 04:27 PM

Ruby Foo's - Pre-Theatre Madhouse???

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I'm going to see "True West" on Tuesday at 50th betw. 8th and B'way, but I'm a bit concerned about where to meet my date for a quick drink/bar nibble before the show...Thought about Ruby Foo's but I hear it's a madhouse - -true??? How 'bout Garrick Bistro? Other suggestions - - even if it's just for a drink???

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  1. The Palm happens to be directly across the street from the theatre. I don't know if its to your taste but when I saw True West (only once, although I'm told one should see it twice for the full effect) thats where I ate. It does have a nice bar area even though its noisy and I must say it was a great feeling to just stroll across the street to the theatre at 7:59. The Palm may not be Chowhoundesque but it is often quite satisfying if you stick to the simple dishes (chopped tomato and onion salad with bleu cheese dressing, a plain grilled piece of meat or fish and some fried onion rings and potatoes).

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      The place I like for a drink and bite in that area is The Russian Vodka Room at 52nd and 8th. Good infused vodkas and yummy appies like salmon roe.
      One caveat... I don't like the Russian Samovar, across the st.
      And yes, Ruby Foo's is a madhouse.
      Good luck!

      1. re: Jessica S.

        We haven't been there at pre-theatre times, but Thalia (8th Ave at 50th, around the corner from the Palm)is the place I'd recommend to meet your friend. NIce bar area and good food.

        1. re: Jessica S.

          Ruby Foo's has a cameo in "Small Time Crooks".

      2. Last weekend before seeing a show, we stopped for drinks at Brasserie Bit (I think it is related to Brasserie Americaine). We only ate some french fries, which were really good, but the bar scene was nice. Friendly bartenders, reasonably priced drinks, relaxed atmosphere. It's across the street from the theater playing Fosse. Enjoy your show!