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Apr 1, 2000 01:15 AM

Don't laugh...but can you help me out?

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Yes, I admit it...I occasionally crave those miniscule, microwave heated, soggy little onion burgers from White Castle. Now I am fully aware that White Castle may not be up to y'alls chow standards, but please try to help me out. I know there is a location at 33rd and 5th ave but are there any below that or closer to the Lower Manhattan area? The Yellow Pages aren't a help at all, they don't list any.

I can get 2 hamburgers, 2 cheeseburgers and an Apple turnover for only 3 that helps out tremendously when I'm low on dough. Oh well, I shouldn't have to explain myself...the secrets out. Does anybody else dig the WC like I do?

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  1. I haven't eaten at White Castle's since Junior High School many... many years ago. Click on the link below, all the White Castle's in the tri-state area.


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      Didn't see it on the Web site list (or did I miss it?), but isn't there a White Castle on 8th Ave around 37th Street? We just grabbed some burgers there a month ago.

    2. Try Sassy Sliders - - same concept, better quality, super-cheap, too - - 1st ave and tenth, I think.

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        Frank Language

        "Try Sassy Sliders - - same concept, better quality, super-cheap, too - - 1st ave and tenth, I think."

        That location is now a pastry shop called "Alcazar". Sassy has moved up to 86th and 3rd, I believe, but I haven't been since they left the neighborhood.

        I will corroborate: they're much better quality than WC - individually griddled, and they have a vegan variety that's cooked on a separate grill - but they're also a little more expensive. I'll gladly pay the difference to get a Sassy's slider over a White Castle, but one thing that's always bothered me is they have this laboriously-made vegan burger - of vegetable protein and herbs and stuff - and they serve it on this tacky whitebread bun! That's kind of like wearing sneakers with a tux, in my opinion.

        1. re: Frank Language

          I grew up down the road from one of the only White Castles in Jersey. I know a frat in PA that used to make grand interstate runs to that location whenever they needed a fix. So, no, Erik, you are far from alone.

          I have since gone veg, but I still sometimes get that WC craving....I now live right by Sassy Sliders, but I've never been. Is the vegan burger worthwhile?

        2. re: JimmyZ.
          Carrie Schadle

          Sassy's Sliders closed several months ago.

          1. re: JimmyZ.

            I,m pretty sure they went out of business. Just an empty storefront now

            1. re: Lisa

              Last time I checked, two weeks ago, Sassy Sliders reside next to the Papaya King on 86th and Third.

              1. re: Pete Feliz

                Thanks to everyone for the info on the new Sassy Sliders and its vegan burgers. I had a very pleasant experience there on Saturday. First of all, I think it bears mention that the place was spotless. Absolutely immaculate. And the staff was still finding things to straighten up while I was there. They were nicer and friendlier than I'm used to, and seemed like they were having a blast behind the counter, lipsincing to the radio and generally being upbeat.

                The veggie burgers were greasy but delicious--the aforementioned shredded veggies were formed into oddly-shaped patties (dare I to venture, handmade?), and topped with yummy sauteed onions, a spicy pickle, and honey mustard. (I can't vouch for the separate vegan grill that was at the old location, by the way.) The bun was the same Wonderbread type as is used with the other burgers, but I sort of liked that I wasn't served some special seven-grain concoction. My meal came with a wad of similarly greasy-yet-delicious skin-on fries and a large soda. At $5.29, it's more than I'd like to pay for belly bombers, but a good NYC dinner deal nonetheless.

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            Bruce Bilmes

            No explanation needed! And, part of the appeal is the greasy pulpiness of the "sandwich". Improvement is no improvement.

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              Carrie Schadle

              If you take the L Train to the third stop in Brooklyn (Graham Avenue) you will come out of the train on Metropolitan Avenue. The White Castle is about 2 blocks up on Metropolitan--you will see the sign when you come out of the subway. Right across the street is a great neighborhood bar called the Pourhouse which hasn't been completely taken over by hipsters who have migrated to Williamsburg. Yet.


              1. Or, (if you haven't gone there already)if you have access to car or motorcycle, check out the White Mana Diner, the circular diner on 470 Tonnelle Ave in Jersey City. We thought the first White Castles probably tasted like the ones they make here. There's a Web site with space devoted to the place (complete with diner cam!)at Or you can call at 201-963-1441. No relatives who work there, I assure you--we love the place (and the grease).