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Mar 30, 2000 12:36 PM

WANTED: First-Hand Opinions on Some Midtown Places

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I'm looking for a place around W. 52nd (Sheraton New York)where my wife and I can get together with a few people (15-20, maybe a little less). It's her birthday and it's a chance to bring together some old friends from NYC and people from the conference she's attending. We are shooting for a Sunday afternoon get-together (2nd choice Monday night).

Looking around, I've identified the following possibilities for a little food, a little drink, and would appreciate anyone's opinion (good, bad, indifferent): Christer's, Judson Grill, Keewah Yen, Palette, Redeye Grill and Tang Pavillion. My wife is disabled (she'll be in an electric scooter), so handicapped accessiblity is an issue (entrance AND rest room). She's also lactose intolerant.

Anyway, I appreciate anyone's input. I'm gong to call places directly, but I thought I'd send up a flare to the NYC Chowhound Nation.

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  1. Judson grill yes, Redeye Grill no. I've eaten there many times and it never fails to underwhelm me. i just think it's really overpriced with a smallish menu and very few special dishes. try Trattoria Dell'Arte, practically next door to Redeye for decent italian, and molyvos (7th and 55th) for good greek grilled meat and fish. service is a little slow at molyvos, so leave extra time.