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Mar 28, 2000 09:55 PM

leon bakery at 9av betwixt 47th and 48th

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I seem to be posting about bakeries a lot lately....a caveat: I am not an expert on mexican pastry by any means, and I can't name half the things I eat. This stuff sure is different than what I get in the dominican or cuban bakeries I hit in west new york. vive la difference... the mexican breads (the round sweet roll things with the crumb tops) are quite good - won't say they are the best in town - but they sure were good. the folks were helpful, patient with us gringos, and the stuff has generally been fresh. several other pastries we've tried were good as well. a round pastry with what was almost like a sponge cake in the middle. somwhere out in the outer boroughs you can probably get it better, and I've had better raisin corn cakes up near 180th street... but this place is on my beaten path...BTW, Leon also passes my basic test for all ethnic food establishments - there are plenty of folks of the correlative ethnicity frequenting the place - always a promising sign, and often danger sign if they are absent...there's a greek bakery down the block that looks good, but I've just missed getting in there several times. a good greek pastry and a coffee would be perfect before the theater....anybody checked this place out?

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