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Mar 28, 2000 07:58 PM

Perfect, inexpensive Indian food in Manhattan!!!

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Besides the uncomftorable lighting and cramped headquarters, PAKISTAN TEA HOUSE in TriBeca on Church St near City Hall Park is perfection. The staff is overlyfriendly (a good thing) yet optimal in efficiency considering the place can get extremely busy at any particular time.
I've had almost everything there and I would recommend this : You must have the green beans, corn, peas dish....I can't think of the name off the top of my head but it's my absolute fav. Then get some Makhni Chicken (orange colored) it is ALWAYS tender and full of flavor. Usually they let you pick out one more item, so I'll let you decide on that one. Here's the important thing: unbenonced to me when I first came there, I ordered rice instead of fresh, hot crispy Roti Bread...Big MISTAKE! Not saying that their rice is bad, it's just you can't pass up a treat like fresh out of the oven Roti. Order two of them...that's usually enough. Boom - So far, only 6 bucks and you will eat like a king. An Assorted variety of yummy little desserts run at about .75 cents.
Being the college kid that I am, this is heaven after one too many trips to Blimpy's.

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  1. "A touch of traditional cuisine" located at 176 Church Street.
    Thanks to Erick, we went to the Pakistani Tea House last night. Delicious, heavily flavored food - dinner for two for $8! We had two veggie platters: curried lentils; cauliflower; potatoes. They were all similarly flavored with turmeric and curry, and yet the individual qualities of the vegetables differentiated the dishes. The naan bread was cooked for us and was divine. We've already wondered about getting one of those deep ovens for home use...
    Thanks again for the tip!

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      Glad to be of assistance. Did you try any of their little desserts by chance?

    2. Props to my boy "Howler" for introducing Pakistan Tea House to me and showing that this place can kick Nirvana's ass on any given day. Thanks

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        Today is your lucky day! Nicksip (NY Spelling Police/NYSP) is writing to you! We enjoyed your review, but would like you to know that "unbenonced" should've been "unbeknownst" (unless you were joking).