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Mar 28, 2000 03:17 PM

11 Madison Park

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Going there for a special occasion on Sunday. Any recent revelations?
Many thanks,

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  1. Went there a few weeks ago for a belated holiday dinner with friends. Their menu is seasonal, and the winter menu featured a great deal of organ meat and seafood. This was problematic for one picky friend, but since she choose the restaurant I refuse to feel guilty, or even sympathetic. Unfortunately, I didn't sample my friends' selections, but here's what I remember.

    We all raved over the selections in the bread basket, and I believe the amuse-bouche was a delicious parmesan puff. I loved my appetizer -- terrine of beef and fois gras (although I was annoyed that the busboy twice tried to remove it before I was done with every morsel). I had skate for my entree -- it was deliciously prepared in a brown butter-type sauce, although I remember thinking the sides were unremarkable. I recall one friend had an onion soup appetizer she loved.

    Since it was a holiday treat, we did both a cheese course AND dessert. I don't recall specifics of the cheeses, but we went with many of the restaurant's recommendations and were very happy. One friend had a dessert with a lemon theme (cake, souffle, and something else?), which looked fabulous. I, however, can never say no to chocolate, and had a very rich cake. They sent out truffles as parting gifts, and I was a very happy girl.

    Please let us know your reactions -- especially if they're now serving a spring menu.

    1. Was there two weeks ago and the dish I remember most vividly was called something like "bacon pot au feu with spring vegetables (or winter vegetables?)" A lovely slab of meaty bacon in a lovely bacony broth. Also was very impressed by a "crispy veal blanquette," with a huge slab of veal that had been braised, then breaded on top and fried. A very clever solution to the problem of making stewed meat look presentable.

      1. Make sure they bring you the beignets at dessert! They don't come with every dessert, but they'll bring them to you if you ask.

        They are AMAZING.