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Mar 22, 2000 02:20 PM


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I was considering going to this place based on Arthur Schwartz's favorable reaction to the place. Has anyone else been there that can describe what it's like?


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  1. All the food at Teodora is really solid. If memory serves me right, the entrees are better than the appetizers, and I usually prefer to have 3 or 4 appetizers instead of one appetizer and one entree. The Osso Buco is real comforting, but the one standout dish is the taglione ai crostacei (sp?). I find myself frequently craving this dish around 3 in the afternoon. The noodles have just the right homemade consistency while the noodles to seafood (lobster and shrimp) proportion is perfect. If you have not been able to pick out my enthusiasm for this dish by now, you have to try this dish.