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Mar 21, 2000 04:46 PM

New restaurant

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Has any one dined at Arva? It is a seafood place, would love some responses.

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  1. The restaurant is Avra, 48th between Lex and 3rd. We've spoken on this board about this place fairly recently. I've been there. Do a search for what's already been said. My experience was wonderful. GREAT fresh fish and Greek specialties especially the beets and scordalia made with almonds as well as potatoes and garlic; grilled octopus; salads; etc.

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      FWIW, William Grimes did a brief report on Avra in the Diner's Journal. I've put a link below if you're interested.


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      Cynthia Saldana

      I've just visited this new Greek restaurant Avra on east 48th street and I think it is the best seafood restaurant I've ever seeing in my life. Fresh fish and fresh salads, and the flavors I can't even describe!
      It is amasing! The decor is to die for.
      I would love to have my house designed that way.
      If anyone has a chance to visit please E-mail me.