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Mar 20, 2000 10:40 PM

Essex Market House of Good Eats

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Two weeks ago, I followed my nose to a barbeque hole in the wall that served fabulous hickory smoked meats with down-home Southern trimmings. Last weekend it was gone without a trace. It was located at 130-140 Essex Street and ran a thriving take-out trade. Does anyone know where the House of Good Eats went?

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  1. it was open last night -- I can't figure out their hours. they sorta seem to be open when they feel like it...

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    1. re: ajc
      Laurence Molloy

      Open, huh? Good! Doesn't explain the disconnected phone though. Next time I stop by and they're open, I'll check on this with the owner.

      I sent a friend there and it was closed. He ended up going to the Congie House on Allen, so the trip was not for naught. He enjoyed CH and said the food was pretty unusual and interesting.

      Thanks for the info on HOGE.


      1. re: Laurence Molloy

        I'm glad to hear that it still--albeit sporadically--exists. I tried for hours to reach them by phone on my birthday (some months ago), with no success. I guess I'll just have to walk by more often and rely on serendipity.