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Mar 20, 2000 03:06 PM

Dinner near Commerce St.

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I am in need of suggestions for dinner (French or seafood) in the Commerce St. area.A small and quiet place is preferred.

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  1. French or Seafood on Commerce? IS this a set-up? Don't you know about 2 of the better restos on the street?

    Well on Commerce Street itself is Le Gigot. It's cute in that very village way (it's small and a little cramped but sweetly art-directed). I haven't been there in a year, but the last time I went I had a good meal of bouilliabaisse and a salad (my friend had the eponymous lamb -- I don't remeber how it was prepared, but i recall liking it). It's a fairly straight-forward french menu, but you want French-- This is French.

    As for seafood right next door to Le Gigot is PEARL. Which, while costly, is delicious. The place is real small and not great for more than 2 people at a time (of all 25 seats only four are at a table, the rest are at a bar). But the food is great. I've never had anything that was less than fresh, simply prepared (think classy Maine seafood restaurant) and delicious. Lobster Roll, Steamers, Fried Oysters, raw shellfish, fish of the day, even the salad dressing and bread and butter (and french fries and desserts) are excellent.

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      Actually, those restaurants are on Cornelia Street, not Commerce. They are a few blocks away from each other so the suggestions are still good. On Commerce, there is Grange Hall (decent food but noisy) and a Brazilan restaurant which I have not been to. On Bedford Street, there is Boughalem (cute French with good food and moderate prices) and Blue Ribbon Bakery (more causal but good food). My choice would be Boughalem since it is cozy and not expensive, though you can't go wrong with any of the choices.

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        I wish this were a set-up(not smart enough) but instead it is a request from a hayseed in CT. Thanks for the help!

      2. Are you scheduled to visit the Cherry Lane Theater on Commerce Street?

        Even if not, you might try Chez Michallet, at 90 Bedford Street, just a short, scenic block or two away. Unless the place has changed in the past year, it offers high-quality French food, decent wines by the glass, caring service, and cozy, romantic decor (though by no means formal or stuffy). There's a $20-25 pre-theater prix fixe; otherwise, prices are basic NYC mid-level French.