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Mar 20, 2000 12:28 PM

excellent chinese baked goods

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after a fine lunch at pho tu do (119 bowery - previously recommended here) we went across the street to get my son a pork bun fix and pick up some desserts.

we went to the shandy bakery (not sure I have the name right) on the corner across from pho tu do. there we had perhaps the best egg custard bun I have every eaten - perfect baked crumb top, just the right amount of custard, wonderful pastery.

we also had really incredible sticky rice balls - not for the unitiated - made from steamed sticky rice flour - they have something of the texture of very chewey jello - but are delicious - with chopped peanuts inside and rolled in coconut...

I have to go back to this place for lunch - chinese folks were all eating the same thing - a tin of sparerib looking things with a fried egg on top - don't know what it was, but it sure looked good... it must be a regional delicacy that everyone from that province goes to get or something :-) if I hadn't had one too many vietnemse sandwiches I would have ordered some just to check it out...

and no alpha hound, I didn't get a takeout menu - because the only one avaible was in chinese...

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  1. "and no alpha hound, I didn't get a takeout menu - because the only one avaible was in chinese"

    REAL chowhounds take night school classes in Cantonese!

    sorry, couldn't resist. Great find (was there lard in the egg custard pastry?), and your directions totally suffice


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    1. re: Jim Leff
      andrew reibman

      yes of course - the dough is both sweet and lardy at the same time. a taste that turns off a lot of people...

      Can you identify the sparerib thing alphahound?

      1. re: andrew reibman

        hee..."Jim" is fine, the alpha hound/big dog shtick is just tongue-in-cheek...

        The fried egg thing is, I believe, a Portuguese influence (well assimilated; it's been centuries) that's mostly done by lower class chinese laborers (I may be wrong on this). It could have been riding atop just about anything; I've seen midtown worker kitchens that put fried eggs over beef chow fun. Might have BEEN spare ribs, actually.

        I'll bet you any amount of money they make dishes with Spam there, by the way...


    2. I believe the place you mean is Sanky Bakery. I always go to the branch on Grand St. I've never had food there, but I buy buns there all the time. Great stuff. Interestingly, a Japanese friend of mine said that Sanky is a phonetic translation of the Chinese characters for Yamaguchi, which is a well known Japanese bakery. (I might have this wrong, it's been a while).

      1. Now you've got me interested in trying the sticky rice balls -- if I go there and ask for "sticky rice balls" will they know what I'm talking about? Or do I need to know what it looks like so I can point at it?

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        1. re: Jeremy
          andrew reibman

          sanky actually has english labels - and I believe they are labeled sticky rice balls.

          if not - they look like round white balls (perhaps 1.5" in diameter) covered with white coconut flakes. a poor unsuspecting soul might think they were some sort of an italian cookie - wouldn't they be surprised :-)