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Mar 11, 2000 02:37 PM

Bouley Bakery - timing *is* everything

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After the Bouley Bakery wars a few months back, I decided to make reservations for a wildly unfashionable 11:30 am lunch. Socially aberrant as it may have been, it paid off - we could not have asked for warmer, more solicitous service.
I went with my parents. When we indicated that we wanted to try everything on the tasting menu, the waiter offered to see if the kitchen would be willing to add a third fish and a third meat dish (the menu listed two choices for each) so that we would not duplicate any dishes. As a result, we had a beautiful little piece of yellowtail in addition to the monkfish and... something. I'm blanking on the other fish, but whatever it was, it was great. And some tiny, sweet soft-shell crabs in addition to the roast chicken and duck that were listed.
We had the full list of desserts to choose from (instead of the two listed on the menu) and received a fourth on the house, as well as the offer of a fifth if we could guess what they used to coat the dessert plates with chocolate (answer: a Black & Decker paint gun). We were near comatose by that time, so it may have been a good thing that we weren't able to guess.
Note that we are neither regulars (it was our first time), nor celebrities, nor profligate spenders. We can't even drink wine, thanks to an genetic inability to metabolize alcohol. We were three tap-water drinking nobodies, and we were treated royally.

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  1. my family and i had the exact same experience there a few weeks ago, and this was on a crowded saturday night. people at this website tend to focus on nothing but negatives and criticisms. i guess that's why we are new yorkers.

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      Wow Matt, that was a pretty broad generalization that "people at this website tend to focus on nothing but negatives and criticisms"! I haven't taken a poll, but I do go home every day with page after printed page of exciting options to consider the next time I'm in NYC or places I quickly call my kids in NY to tempt them to try. pat

      1. re: pat hammond

        Yeah, and another thing, it is human nature to really notice when things go haywire, instead of when things go smoothly... and to want to warn others a way from disasters.
        Besides it's a city with millions and there are just as many stories, negative, positive and everything in between.