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Mar 11, 2000 12:08 PM

Expensive French/World Choice-need help

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I know this isn't quite the usual chowhound question but I assure you my wife and I will be using these boards as advice when we go to NY for her birthday. However we will be mortgaging our house for a dinner that will hopefully be world class.
Maybe I can help with the final decision. The choices are
3.Le Cirque 2000
4.Le Bernardin
5.Jean Georges

I realize this is not a value question, but it is a quality one.
All help is appreciated.
Bob Elliott

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  1. you know, there's no such thing as value without an inherent assumption of the quality that lurks 'neath..
    awright, awright. but what exactly is your question? they are all fine restaurants, and they are not THAT expensive, unless you choose some overpriced, overblown, over the top wines. what experience are you seeking, what flavour of satori is it to be?

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      Adam Stephanides

      Of the places you mention, I've eaten at Daniel (not recently), Chanterelle, and Jean Georges, and my choice from these three would definitely be Jean Georges. I had the tasting menu there (the "winter menu," not the truffle menu which is twice as expensive), and practically every dish served knocked my socks off.

      Indidentally, did you deliberately omit Lespinasse from your list of finalists? I would rank it with the other places you mention.


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      1. re: Adam Stephanides

        I didn't mention Lespinasse as for some reason we sort of counted them out-I am aware that they are among the top french though. Also the most expensive-we aren't really trying to save money obviously.BUT...

        1. re: Bob Elliott

          I'm a big fan of Chanterelle for such occassions. The food is merely top notch but may not be at the level of the others. However, the dining room is much more comfortable and romantic than any of the others. Tables are far apart, service is highly competent but relaxed and you really feel more like a guest than a customer.

        2. re: Adam Stephanides

          Jean Georges tasting menu definitely

        3. Did you purposely leave Lutece off your list or did you simply overlook it? By all means, IMHO, Lutece is the best French food in New York.

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          1. re: Dena

            Lutece is good, but not nearly one of the top french restaurants in New York. In my opinion anyway. I love Eberhart, but he is not Andre Solter (nor does he pretend to be) and the last time I was there the service left a lot to be desired.
            Any reason to not include Lespinasse on the list??

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            Steve Plotnicki

            Jean-Georges-most modern cooking in a setting
            that I think is somewhat relaxed for a 4 star restaurant. Daniel for a modernized version of traditional cuisine in a formal setting. Le Bernadin is sort of clubby with good food but I think a notch below the first two. Le Cirque 2000 is very flashy and birthday like and if you enjoy dressing up this might be the place but the food isn't as serious in my opinion. Chanterelle is a cut below but is extremely lovely and unassuming. None of these choices are bad ones but if you don't break the piggy bank open often and are willing to roll the dice this time, Jean-Georges followed by Daniel would be my choices.

            1. Jean-Georges, in my opinion, is the greatest restaurant in NYC. No matter what hour you go, no matter who you are, you'll be treated like royalty. The food is astonishing, and departs enough from classic French cuisine to make each dish a surprise. I'd definitely recommend a tasting menu for the full extravaganza effect.