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Mar 10, 2000 04:13 PM

Wall Street with Kids?

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I'm meeting some old friends for lunch downtown next week. We need a place where four adults and five kids (aged about 5-14) can eat and sit for a few hours. I know sedate, fancy places, and I know food carts and chicken trucks, but nothing appropriate comes immediately to mind. Kid-friendliness seems the chief criterion; compromises on cuisine (though nothing too weird, I suppose), quality, and price will need to be accepted.

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  1. For what you're after, I'd recommend American Park in Battery Park. Relaxed atmosphere, good food and, most important for the kids, outstanding views of the harbor, ferries chugging about and the Statue.

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      I've used American Park as a romantic evening date place, but you're absolutely right. Thanks.

      BTW, the roasted fish (sea bass?) is outstanding.

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      andrew reibman

      I second american park, although it is expensive - expect to spend $30 a person for lunch w/o wine....

      windows on the world comes to mind - the food is neither great (can you say t.g.i. fridays... :-) nor cheap, although the drinks are not outrageous (4-5$ pints...) but - its not too crowded at lunchtime (as opposed to the friday night bar scene) the kids will love it, and my experience has been they don't push you out...