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Mar 10, 2000 11:49 AM

Carnegie Deli

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Went there for a quick bite after Willie Gluckstern's wine tasting on Tuesday night. Jay's frankfurter and my knish (meat filling, reminiscent of corned beef hash) were good, but don't bother with the chicken soup - although the noodles (mine) and the matzah balls (his) were good, the soup itself is totally blah, like low sodium packet boullion (with no chicken or veggie pieces)! Oh, and the sour pickles tasted watery!

Overall, rather disappointing.

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    steve from rhinebeck

    Hi Rachel,
    Funny thing, just read about the Carnegie deli
    in "What Jim had for dinner" section this AM. Then your post appears. Sounds like he may have liked it a bit more. He tried hard to convey though it wasn't "good",It wasn't as bad as he thought it would be. I was disappointed to learn they all get there provisions from one or two purveyors.

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    1. re: steve from rhinebeck
      Rachel Perlow

      Please note that I didn't sample a wide variety of their menu. Jason has been there more than I and likes their sandwiches, etc. I just wanted to warn people off the soup with a quick tip.

      For the best chicken matzah ball soup in NJ, go to Harolds on Rt. 46 in Parsippany. Yummy soup, with lots of chicken pieces and vegetables and mammoth matzah balls. I actually prefer to get this "to go", one order ($8) is 2 quarts - 1 for the soup and 1 for the matzah balls in broth. This would serve at least four people (each gets 1/2 of a softball sized matzah ball) generously as an app, or 2 for dinner. (You can also get the soup plain, with noodles, or kreplach (jewish wontons), which are good, but then you only get 1 qt.)

      1. re: steve from rhinebeck
        frank glassner

        I remember when Carnigie was a "real" deli, with dependable grest food.....

        Oh well, like everything else Diney and plastic, seems that the onli deli experience to be had there is nostalgic memories.

        Soup that's more instant than home-made,

        Greasy pastrami and corned beef,

        TOTAL rip-off pricing,

        and to add even more insult, half the portions (if you could gag it down) that was found there a year ago.

        Guess that this once venerable institution is headed for the deep-six........

      2. I have always really enjoyed the food at Carnegie Deli on my roughly annual visits when someone from out of town wants to go, but last week I had a bad sandwich there. Shared a pastrami sandwich, I insisted that we share because they're so huge, but I could easily have downed the whole thing. It was half the size I remember, it used to be hard for me to eat half. That aside (I'm no portion freak, but at those prices...). the meat was absolutely greasy, and not in a good way. Lukewarm and greasy. I think I may still be burping it up.