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Mar 8, 2000 07:46 PM

Spanish chef stranded in Manhattan

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Has anybody been to Meigas on Hudson & King? I was there a month ago and had a meal that just blew me away, but the restaurant was empty--my girlfriend and I were the only ones there by 8:15pm! The room is enormous so it seemed even more desolate. And the prices are fairly high--if I remember correctly, main courses were $20 or more, which certainly would scare off walk-ins. But the cooking is really extraordinary and ambitious. The chef is from San Sebastian and seems to have absorbed the intellectual, experimental style of Adrian Ferra (Ferra Adrian?) at El Bulli. I had veal trotters stuffed with morels and serrano ham, and oxtail ragout mixed with rice (sort of an oxtail paella) topped with fried sweetbreads--two dishes I promise you I have not seen on anybody else's menu. My dessert was advertised as "bittersweet chocolate cake" but turned out to be three chocolate buttons, two steamed and one baked, with a blackberry sauce and blood orange foam (that El Bulli influence). I haven't seen any other postings on this site and I'm dying to know if anybody else has tried it yet--or if it's even open anymore. If it's not out of your price range, I recommend checking it out. I eat out a lot and haven't encountered anything like this anywhere.

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  1. I have been to Miegas and, if I remember correctly, posted here about it. That was a few months ago under a thread about tapas. The food was very good ( I only had tapas) but the rest of the restaurant was empty and beautiful. I hope they are still around.

    1. Man, I've never even HEARD of this place! Any other comments out there (particularly dissenting viewpoints)?

      I do very much encourage the use of these boards (by neutral, objective parties) to help "save" endangered, empty restaurants whose quality deserves notice. The chowhound community has rescued more than a few such undervalued treasures (Bo, DiFaras, Kabab Cafe to name three).

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        Objective is bad enough, but I hate to think of myself as "neutral." Sounds sort of beige to me. Nevertheless, it was a pity to see this restaurant three-quarters empty even if it was raining and cabs don't often run on this part of Hudson Street. The food was interesting. It appeared to have been cooked and presented with enthusiam and the service was quite professional. It's not a cheap restaurant, but for Manhattan, it's also not at the high end by any reason. If this board can play a part in keeping this restauarant in business, it will be a community service. I hate to note the number of places at which you can't get a reservation and that offer less or offer a poorer value for your money. For what it's worth, I thought the "pulpo" was better prepared than any I'd had in Spain. My wife was particularly pleased with her grilled mackeral. Many dishes looked interesting. We had a hard time narrowing our choices.

      2. Sounds intriguing. Do you know if they're open for lunch?

        1. Pete,

          Sounds like a wonderful place to take my girlfriend for her birthday, but she doesn't eat meat. Do you remember if they had seafood dishes?

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          1. re: keith

            Yes, they definitely have seafood. I can see how you'd get the idea from my meal that they only served odd animal parts. My girlfriend had a squid dish with the tiniest little baby squid you could imagine. It wasn't my favorite thing, but I'm not a big "squid in its own ink" person. I can't remember what else was on the menu but I remember I would have found it very tempting if I hadn't been hell-bent on trotters and tails.

          2. It is definitly still around, just walked by it this morning. It is a beautiful large space, kind of daunting to the passerby, nothing cozy to draw you in. Now that I know what it is I will check it out... I had wrongly assumed it was another "Oro Blu" type of venture: the restaurant across Hudson and down 1 block, which kind of swept into Hudson like a prima donna and while good, isn't that amazing and certainly not as amazing as the maitre d. would like you to believe.
            If it's any consolation, Oro Blu was dead for around 6 months before picking up steadily, now it's always packed at lunch and they are trying things to get people in on weekends: pre-dinner theatre with the Greenwich St. Theatre and jazz on Saturday nights, etc.