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Mar 6, 2000 11:23 PM

Sushi Heads-up

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I have been to a relatively new sushi bar on Avenue A between 14th and 13th street about four or five times in the past three months. It's called Sushi King and IMHO is a fantastic deal as well as having pretty damn good fish (Sushi Yasuda, its not).

When I hear of any sushi place thats offers some special pricing I'm immediately turned off because I'd rather eat some really fresh, excellent quality fish with a great selection at full price than have lots of cheap blah (or worse) fish. Well, this place is one where they have sushi on little boats floating by each patron and can be had by just removing the plate from the boat, each plate, regardless of the contents, is $2.89. I have had great fun and excellent fish at a restaurant in Japantown in San Francisco that has a similar setup so I just had to try this one.

I must report that I was really surprised. The bar around the little boats is quite large and comfortable, the fish is extremely good, the quality and variety is wonderful and the wait-staff couldn't be nicer. Even the desserts are good, especially the lichee ice cream and it is often complimentary.

I have had, among other things, salmon, hamachi, eel,ama ebi, uni, taco, ika, spicey crab,and many kinds of maki and they will make you anything else you might want (all at $2.89 for 2 pieces.) I have eaten LOTS of sushi in Japanese restaurants and I've been to the top places on both the east and west coasts and, of course, this stuff is not in the big leagues but for the middle leagues, I think its sensational.

Stefany B.

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  1. Well, I read this account of Sushi King a week ago and found myself with a sushi craving in that very neighborhood just a few nights ago so I went! What a great find!!! I agree 100% with the original post on this great, inexpensive restaurant. We had tuna, mackerel, snapper, yellow tail, salmon, uni, scallops, etc and EVERYTHING was outstanding - - the best ever? No. But pretty damn good and nothing was sub-par. I am pretty loyal to Iso and Sushihatsu and generally find most others dissapointing but this one's a return destination - - I would go back for the California roll alone which is made with real crab. Go for it - - you guys will not be bummed!!

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      Jimmy- I was really pleased to read your response to my original post. I like Sushi King so much that I would hate for it not to be a success( although, not toooo successful, if you know what I mean). Next time try the ama ebi. The last time I was there the salmon was like salmon toro- exceptional. Thanks for the amen.