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Mar 6, 2000 12:28 PM


  • j

OK, I let Fat Tuesday sneak up on me. Anyone have any idea where to buy decent paczki in the City -- or in Jersey?

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    1. re: dh
      John Piekarski

      Here's a great explanation, thanks to Joe Schumacher on the Tristate board:

      "Paczki (pronounced poonch-key) essentially are mighty powerful Polish jelly doughnuts traditionally served on Shrove Tuesday. I say mighty powerful because they are made with plenty of cream, egg yolks and grain alcohol. The idea being to use up the naughty stuff before Lent.

      Paczki are a big deal in the Detroit area, which has a large Polish population. I've included a link to an article in the Polish-American Journal. If you search Google for 'paczki and Detroit' you will find several articles in last year's Detroit News about Paczki Day, including recipes."

      My favorite paczki are the prune ones from the Broadway Market in Buffalo.


      1. re: John Piekarski

        Thanks for the explanation and how to pronounce paczki.
        My grandmother used to make them but I was young and don't remember the alcohol part. When I lived in the East Village, there was a bakery that made them, it was on 2nd Ave., below 10th Street. I was there today for my fix of pierogis at Veselka and I looked for it but it may be gone, sorry. I will keep an eye open.

    2. Paczki, and all other traditional Polish comestibles are sighted daily in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The main shopping areas are Manhattan Ave & Nassau Ave. (I'm afraid that even after 4 years residency I haven't acquired an affinity for most Polish dishes & can't knowledgably recommend any particular places, there are a lot here though.)