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Mar 3, 2000 12:02 PM

Belgian restaurant in upper East side(80 somthing st?)

  • j

A friend of mine told me he had a wonderful dinner
at a Belgian restaurant in upper east side(80 something
st), but not sure of where exactly it is and
the name of the restaurant got hazy in his memory.
It's something like 'Sara', but might be
entirely wrong. It could also be in upper west
side instead of upper east side(he's not so familiar
with Manhattan). Could anyone tell me what this
restaurant is? I searched for Belgian restaurant
list in and other places, but
couldn't find any Belgian restaurants that fits
information I have.

THank you very much in advance,

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  1. there's a sarabeth's restaurant on amsterdam in the 80's, but i wouldn't say it's belgian...

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    1. re: gj

      There's also a Sarabeth's on the upper east side at about 92 & Madison

      1. re: judith

        I think you mean Le Pain Quotidian - Madison between 84th and 85th. Belgium food, and a stunning communal pine table, which I would love to have!

    2. Hey I don't really know any Belgian restaurants in the upper East Side, but I can refer you to one on Lafayette & Astor Place. It's called Belgo-if you like beer, this is the place to be. There is a selection of hundreds of beers. There are also delicious mussels. Good Luck on your search