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Mar 2, 2000 08:25 AM

any opinions on christers???? (scandanavian)

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It''s on W56 St. I have tried - and liked - Aquavit (well-done, but expensive), Ulrika's (great) and Good World (really good bar, OK food) recently. Thinking about trying Christer's tonite. Any experiences are appreciated.

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  1. I went there once, a couple years ago, for lunch, and really liked it. I'm sorry to say I don't remember anything specifically. It's a nice, cozy space, I think I had a terrific salmon dish, but I don't remember much else.

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      Went to Christer's on Wednesday. Nice place, decorated like a cross between a law firm and a nautical clubhouse. We had the mixed appetizer plate (5 herrings, gravlax, salmon, beet salad, shrimp/egg salad) and a shrimp/cream skagen to start. Both very tasty, but the mixed plate was small. All homemade, though, which is no small feat for herring and smoked fish. For mains we had scallops and dover sole. Both very nicely done, the scallops seared and the sole done with lemon rind. Two half bottles of wine, and a split dessert of VERY intense and delicious mango and rasberry sorbet completed the meal.

      Overall, a nice place with great attention to the food; a little too pricey, and portions a little too small, and atmosphere a little too impersonal, but I'd recommend it. My favorite Scandanavian remains Ulrika's, just across town on East 60th St. It's far more homey and generous, and just as delicious.

      Side note: I was Good World again last night - this place is a Scandanvian bar/restaurant located in a former Chinese barber shop at 3 Orchard St. off Canal and Division. Tasty food, great drink, and worth the trip for the atmosphere alone.

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      andrew reibman

      I ate there last summer and was moderately impressed.

      The signature salmon dish (somehow baked with bacon, and other things...) was really incredible.

      A venison dish was well prepared. An apple crepe desert was good as well.

      I recall prices were reasonable, for the type of place it is...

      Sorry I don't have more detail, but we definitely have it on our list for a return trip.