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Feb 27, 2000 08:28 AM

karuma zushi

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Thinking of trying Karuma Zushi on 47th. Saw a blurb on the TV Food Network about it with a very good review. Tried a search here, and found only info on the sushi bar (very expensive, no atmosphere). Does this place have a traditional dining room where one can order entrees, etc? I read $80 - 150 per person at the sushi bar! Sounds a bit overpriced..........has anyone had experience in the dining room?

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  1. i've eaten there a dozen times, mostly on an expense account which definitely helps. it really is an outstanding restaurant -- no gimmick rolls, just straightforward great fish. you can order omakase in several price ranges and it doesn't matter if you eat at the bar or a table. A la carte sushi pieces and dishes are also available, but it's one of those places where i let them do the driving. if you want to control the price, just tell them what you want to spend. And enjoy -- it's fantastic sushi.