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Feb 22, 2000 02:16 PM

Birthday Korean Recomendation

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My wife is requesting that I choose a birthday restaurant early this year so here we are almost a month away and I must make the "big" decision. I've decide to go for Korean, a cuisine I don't have much experience with, I went to Bop when it first opened and was a bit disappointed. So now where do I try for a better experience. We want it to be a relatively stress free experience(i.e. not that hard to understand what to order from the menu)while remaining authentic for the most part. Should we head to 32nd St. or go to the new place on Carmine St. Do Wah? I'm not sure how it's spelled. But it is an ideal location and I know the sister restaurant Dok Sunee is very popular. Any fellow chowhound recomendations?


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  1. I strongly recommend Do Hwa. We went with Korean friends who thought it was very authentic, as well as absolutely delicious. I've been on a Korean craze lately, and comparing it to some of the places on 32nd street and Dok Suni, I think it's the best choice for a birthday dinner. The menu is user-friendly too.

    1. I recommend Woo Lae Oak on Mercer in SoHo. I went there with a large group last weekend and the food was very good. It is fun to cook your own food on the grill at the table. Also, Woo Lae Oak has an upstairs section in which you remove your shoes and sit on the floor, for the traditionalists. The kim chi (spicy cabbage) and the kalbi (beef) were both yummy.